Love at First Bite

In the beginning was the Word,

The word was with God

And the Word was God

Calling into existence unseen and unheard things

Shaping microscopic and macroscopic beings

Beyond the intellectual reach of any scientist.

The Supreme Being, the Mighty God, Jehovah Rama, Jehovah jireh, Jehovah Nissi, God of Israel, the Great I Am,

got down on His mighty knees,

And got his mighty and holy hands dirty to make a Man

To His resemblance

He wanted companionship

God who doesn’t need anything, who takes what He wants, who makes blind or seeing, who makes lame or walking, who destroys or build, who brings light or darkness, who bring blessings or curses,

God wanted companionship

He blew Life into him,

But Man created in God’s image

Man wasn’t complete, entire, full, whole,

God put him to sleep

In order to fix him

God didn’t give him a man

But God gave him a Woman

By then His skills had seriously improved

When Man saw Woman

Man became Poet

Flesh of my flesh

Bone of my bones

Man started to hang out with Woman more than with God

He started losing sight of Him and His Word

Snake showed apple to Woman

Woman gave apple to Man

No one remembered His Word

No one remembered His Word


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