Feet on the street

Feet, feet, feet, feet
Shuffling, shuffling,
I see Indian feets beating the Earth
Listening to its heartbeat
I see Michael Jackson’s feet moonglide on the stage
As if he could walk on water
I see tapping feet on the street
Begging, demanding: “Sir, can you spare a dime?”
I see small feet in large footprints,
I hear tapping feet on the street,
Telling me to shuffle along,
Like the words of that song,
That I can feel on my tongue,
But that I always get wrong,
I see the little girl tapping her little feet,
On the pavement of street,
Asking the deaf ears: Where is daddy?
He left us angry
And he bought me candy
But I said: I want you daddy
He said: I cant, sweety
So I said: take Barbie
Every time you look at Barbie, think about sweety.


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