Discovery of a great work by a great artist

I just finished The Devil On The Cross by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and from the title, I knew it was going to be controversial regarding religion and faith; but despite the passionate, brilliant arguments he made against institutionalized religion, he didn’t say anything that I haven’t heard before, so I put it aside and hoped that the narrator is different from the person when it comes to faith and religion. He didn’t either praised animism.
If I was to give an unsatisfactory summary of this novel which is worth being for multiple reasons, I would simply say that it is the narrative of coming of age of Warringa, but it’s more than too, because you have stories within stories, performances, dances and poems. He also made the narrative global by including capitalism, communism and international politics, but it is at the same time uniquely Kenyan because it was written in Gikuyu and translated in English and the book is so rich in proverbs that it every character had a bag of them. Every character received respectful attention from the narrator, and they were exposed for who they were and the reader saw them through the eyes of the other characters.
If you want an exciting and challenging, pick up this book and read the rest of his works. Ngugi Wa Thiong’ o has contributed to the English literary canon by injecting his own tribal language.


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