native tongue

Sometimes because I speak, write, read in english, I forget that it doesn’t come naturally to me. knowing and being able to use more than one language has its advantages when it comes time to seeing life in its rich and diverse complexity. One thing that I always pay attention when I am in the process of creating something is to the voice or voices that are speaking in my head and the more I listen, the more I get out of it. This might sound crazy, but based on what I have learned from Lacan and the symbolic, I have come to believe that all of us have all the words and the tools within us to be able to express ourselves and it’s just up to us to choose the medium.
anyways, this is a poem I wrote last night, in my native/colonized tongue, one writing in a language he borrowed from the Other:

On ne vit qu’une seule fois, mais c’est chaque jour qu’il faut mourir a soi,
je me suis refuse un toit pour toujours vivre avec toi,
quoiqu’il en soit, j’ais pas de doute que tu m’aimes cette fois,
adieu les hommes et leurs loix, c’est en toi que j’ais mis ma foi,
et si aujourd’hui je prends ce pas, c’est parce que pour moi il a porte la croix,
mais rassures toi, il n’y a pas a se pointer du doigt,
pour ce salut aucun d’entre nous n’y a droit,
alors laissons ceux qui veulent se faire roi,
et refaisons le chemin de la croix,
car lorsque viendra le soir,
avec le sourire tu sauras dire aurevoir.

A bientot,


exciting opportunities

This year is going to see the birth of a poetry book, a novel and a play. Yes, I have been busy. I have enjoyed so much this creative process that I feel the hitch to quit school, work and be a full time artist…but I know better. I will finish this graduate school, get a job and be responsible like mama taught me.
For now, it’s all about networking, researching, producing videos and keeping the ball rolling, the sky isn’t just the limit, it’s also the destination!!!
I hope to see you there!

Reflections and stuff

Well, Christmas came and went by and I didn’t feel the spirit. New Year came and I didn’t notice it either. I don’t know if it is age, but things are more less the same from my standpoint so why do people celebrate christmas when they don’t have Christ in them for the rest of the time or why do people celebrate a new year if they are to go on repeating what they did last year?
Human nature is interesting in itself. I have thought about pulling the plug on this blog for which I can’t remember the reason why I still have it especially that I am busy with school and writing my novel, but here I am not doing either.
I looked at what other serious bloggers and was amazed and envied a little not only at the content, but their dedication. The funny thing is that even though my online footprint isn’t as visible or large as my physical, intellectual prints, I have to be conscious of each and make sure I am reaching the maximum depth for each print. it’s the old quality versus quantity paradigm.
I write because I want to be read. I write because I write, hoping that the next word is going to completely change my life or the world as we know it. yeah, right. But one can always hope, right?