Reflections and stuff

Well, Christmas came and went by and I didn’t feel the spirit. New Year came and I didn’t notice it either. I don’t know if it is age, but things are more less the same from my standpoint so why do people celebrate christmas when they don’t have Christ in them for the rest of the time or why do people celebrate a new year if they are to go on repeating what they did last year?
Human nature is interesting in itself. I have thought about pulling the plug on this blog for which I can’t remember the reason why I still have it especially that I am busy with school and writing my novel, but here I am not doing either.
I looked at what other serious bloggers and was amazed and envied a little not only at the content, but their dedication. The funny thing is that even though my online footprint isn’t as visible or large as my physical, intellectual prints, I have to be conscious of each and make sure I am reaching the maximum depth for each print. it’s the old quality versus quantity paradigm.
I write because I want to be read. I write because I write, hoping that the next word is going to completely change my life or the world as we know it. yeah, right. But one can always hope, right?


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