Feels like FOREVER!

Hello everyone who doesn’t read this!

For some reason, it feels like I haven’t been blogging for a year, maybe that’s what happens when you are busy discussing politics instead of literature in an African Fiction class, or talking about utopia in a French science fiction class or trying to write a script in a screenwriting class, or better yet, writing, talking, breathing love to the one…YES!!! I am in love, and…I don’t have anything to add other than the fact that I never knew that I was an hopeless romantic.

On a different note,a few things that I would like for all Portlanders to know is the African Film Festival that opened last weekend at Hollywood Theatre is happening for the entire month of February, it is free and seats are limited. Stop by their website to check out which movies to watch, they are all great, so you just have to resist to be coming at all of them!
This month also, the NAACP College Chapter at Portland State University is hosting its open house on February 27th at Hoffman Hall from 5:30 to 8:00pm and the theme is We Are The Dream, all are welcome!!

Meanwhile, let’s all take a moment and forget to put life in different capsules and live a whole and entire life!


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