valentine’s day

Special valentine’s day

hey y’all,

so how was your valentine’s day? and I am not asking all those ones who had a date because they have nothing new to tell us, I am actually curious about those who didn’t have one for whatever reason so for once, let me be Mr. Hitch except that I am not six foot and not being paid millions of dollars to play this character, since I love y’all, I’m doing this for free.

First advice: don’t listen to advices!!
yes, I said it! Don’t listen to advices whether it’s given by your friends, your enemies, your parents, your teachers, you fake friends, anyone who seems or does care about you including the writer of this blog! Why? because there are only two people who really know you: You and God, the rest of us, we just like to think that we do. Now, that I got that out of the way, here’s my second advice 🙂

Second advice: Don’t be shy!!
As crazy as it may sound, I am a shy guy, I still turn red, oh excuse me green, when I get compliments, but like I say, don’t be shy and this goes for girls as well as guys. yes, guys should be the ones asking girls out, but you know what? I am tired of all these girls asking for equality but still expect special treatment when it comes to dating, either we are equals or not! Make up your mind! yes, some guys can also never make up their mind, but that’s my next point, for now if you know what you want, ask for it, if you are rejected, move on, this is just a game and if you sit on the bench, you will never know if that shot was going to go in or not.

Third advice: Make up your frigging mind!!

yes, people like the idea of trying things out, until they figure out if it’s worth taking a risk, but I can assure you that you might as well stay in your room until you figure out what you want. it’s like those people who open the fridge and stare at all they have unable to decide, then they close it and repeat the same thing over and over just to get some orange juice. Spare yourself and others from wasting everybody’s time by making up your mind! if you are a player and that’s for both guys and girls, don’t be surprised that people want to hurt you for taking them for granted.

Fourth and last advice: This is love, baby, not salvation army!

don’t EVER, EVER AND I SAY EVER, EVER think you can save someone, and I just don’t care how much you love that person, if you don’t believe me, ask married couples. what you see is what you get. don’t get me wrong, people can and do change, but it takes more than you just loving that someone. Take example on God, He was asking for love until He realized He had to die the most humiliating way to show His love. Love isn’t salvation, but it can get you started on the road for salvation.

P.S. I have been hit by Cupid lately and I don’t need Valentine’s day to be reminded how I feel 🙂

Sorry for the long post, here is a poem which I wrote first in french then in English, but I decided to post only the English version, I will post the other one another day:

Run On

On my way home, I saw a little bird that was run over by my grandmother with her bicycle,
I ate burnt chicken, because empty stomach isn’t too picky,
my girlfriend told me to be ready at 7pm on Valentine’s day for a diner with chandeliers,
I had agreed to wear the kilt but I refused to carry her bag,
even though I held all the doors for her
she had green hair and my brown eyes were glued on the ring on her nose
it was a short diner, but a long night
details will be revealed in my next novel,
my girlfriend who lack one tooth on the front ran her seductive tongue on her lips when she saw my kilt
i reminded her that Holy Valentin wasn’t a christian
but a capitalist who grows fat on the most free thing you can get: love
she took me to the dance floor
where our dresses moved to the rythm of salsa
dancing between a serial killer turned priest and a mystic turned Oregon senator
when we exited the premises, we passed two aliens, one from Venus and another from Mars,
the next morning I did my ” Hail Mary” at least ten times and it seemed to me
everyone was shaking their heads at me.
My grandmother had thrown all my stuff out, she told me:
“No son of mine will ever wear a dress for diner he’s not even paying for!”

A la prochaine!


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