hey, look here:

“All I want is what you want.”


I want to make love and not war,

i want to be famous, rich, charming, amazing, a star,

i want people to bow all the way to the ground when they see me go by,

i want people to hang on at every word that falls off my lips,

i want my father here, my friend here, my uncle and aunt here,

i want them alive and well,

i want to erase the past and make every moment count,

i want to be respected and loved everywhere I go,

i want my statue to be erected in the middle of the Atlantic

and for it to be seen all the way from the moon

i want what you want,

day in and day out,

I want beautiful cars, beautiful women and beautiful children

not in any particular order,

i want my name remembered for generations,

i want my name to be sung by every lip

and treasured by every heart

i want what you want

even when you don’t want to admit

that you want what I want

there’s nothing new under the sun

since the devil told Eve you could be like god

men and women, from the bedroom to the boardroom

try to be gods over each others.

all I want is what you want

a world where everything and everyone obeys at my will

happy when I’m happy

sad when I’m sad

i want…


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