Liberté ! égalité ! fraternité!

if you want what I want even when you don’t want admit it,

how do I get what I want with you around?

black slaves couldn’t get physical freedom,

so they sang spirituals and obtained spiritual freedom.

I want Obama to know this country doesn’t financial reform,

it needs spiritual and mental reform,

they say buy and spend so everyone can be happy,

as if happiness came in a box with a price tag on

you spend 50,000 to get an education

but a lifetime to learn life’s lessons

because true learning is priceless

and it is written that the Son of God learned obedience

by the things He suffered

as if there’s no learning without suffering

or no pain, no glory

no cross, no crown.

Fill the blanks and you are shooting blanks

don’t give me that blank look

because I told you not to look

at the writing on the wall

that says do the walk and not the talk

this poem is for the generations and not for admiration

carry it in your mind until it turns into action.


2 thoughts on “Apprentissage

  1. You are growing as a writer and a person each day and it transcends in your thought process. Keep it up. Be active

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