I think that I know that I think I know What I want

We all have skeletons in the closet

but we put them under lock and key

otherwise they will come out of the closet

and reveal the face under the mask

so we pretend to know what we want

because that’s what we are asked to do

do or don’t, there’s no try

even though that’s all you want

just to try and see what happens

so for now I live like I will never die

I write like I shape worlds into being

I speak like life and death hanged on my words

but I been told to hurry up

because the line is long

and I’m taking too long

to decide on what I want

“Excuse me sir, do the right thing

and find somewhere else your meaning”

I apologize on behalf on all the merchants of Death

who hand child soldiers guns and take their souls,

I apologize on behalf on greedy and ballooned cheeks

that stuff full mouths and leaves others with skin on bones

I apologize for taking my car and ruining the entire climate

I apologize for forgetting that I am fragile

I apologize for refusing to accept that I am strong and beautiful

I apologize for removing the speck from your eye and forgetting the plank in mine

I apologize for developed nations supporting non development

I apologize for democracy supporting dictatorship

I apologize for us, coward parents, sending children to fight a war for grownups

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”

Lord, before you bring this world to an end, save us from ourselves.


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