My Home is in My Heart

Even when i don’t  have anything to say

I open my mouth and let nonsense run its course

because all I want is to be loved and admired.

I am short sighted

I only see what pleases me

I hate those who hate me

I love those who love me

sometimes I hate also those who love me.

Little Me is innocent and doesn’t come out to play

Big Me runs the shows and is the only one who gets to play.

No one cares about you

unless you have something to give

so they give us, poor people, their throwaway toys, guns, food and clothes

that they refuse to their dogs and cats

and we smile and say tank you, Massa.

New day, old ways

you better move and get out of my way!

Time is money and you are in my way!

I bow to the ground and let them have their way

whether I give it or they take it

there’s nothing new under the sun

just new suits and new toys

all I want is a little bit of sunshine

in this hell that you call life.

I know that the Man on the Cross

went to Hell then Paradise

and all I want is to be born again

but I don’t want to die

I am the gravedigger with no grave

the healer with no healthcare plan

the player with no team

and the speaker with no audience

while I follow the Man with no earthly dwelling

but welcome in every sinner’s heart.


2 thoughts on “My Home is in My Heart

  1. “I used to be the kid that no one cared about; that’s why you gotta keep screaming till they hear you out.” The British-Nigerian rapper Tinie Tempah. You poem reminds me of that line

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