A Five Year old and a Samaritan

let me tell you a little secret:

the devil is not black, he is white

and you think this is going to be about race

you are probably…wrong?

because the world isn’t black and white

if you look in the middle, you will see gray

it’s the Bible truth, my friend

where else but in the Bible that a god died for the love of his creatures?

but here I am unable to donate blood to the Red Cross

and they say you are not fit to live if you are not ready to die

but I ask who decides whether you live or die?

For 9 months, my life depended on someone

now that I am out, I forget that someone

because all I want is to be my own god

no beginning and no end

deciding who lives and who dies

like an emperor of past ages

who shined a little and phased

like they never existed because they didn’t life insurance

to assure them a residency when they signed up for a vacation.

when they ask for your number, they want you to slumber

with your eyes wide open while they cut the umbilical cord

and they know that the best lie sounds like the truth

on my deathbed, all I want are a five years old and a Samaritan

One will know what to say and the other what to do

it’s the Bible truth, my friend.


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