Happy Talk

A la recherche du bonheur

I want to find happiness that money can’t buy
That clothes can’t give
That babies talk about in their baby talk
That old folks smile about in a toothless grin
That lovers whisper into each other’s ears
That lifetime friends share around a warm cup of tea
That adventurers feel when they find the Holy Grail
That mothers feel when they hold their baby
That children know when they hear: I love you.


That human element
That animal instinct
That perfect formula
Le parfait voyage
L’ingrédient vital
That timeless moment
That eternal desire

Le bonheur

A portée de main
Aussi proche que le lendemain
Its here and there
Invisible yet everywhere
Like the air you breathe
Just before you leave
For the no man’s land
where sadness knows no end
And happiness knows no friend
Tu acceptera le bonheur
Pour ce qu’il  donne a tes couleurs
Comme odeur, comme ardeur, et comme saveur.


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