Loose it or Lose it

I hear a scratch

and I know I got a catch

it’s when they beat you into political submission

and you lost your temper during peaceful demonstrations

that you start questioning the laws of financial gravity

and changing verbosity into activity

there is no such thing as safety

since everyone is losing mental stability

I can assure you there is nothing to see

turn off the tv and climb on  mountain to see

if the stars are really gone

and there will be no one to pick up the phone

no ambulance, no cop, no army

and you can’t tell a friend from an enemy

no more need to prove you wrong

when I can just play my song

follow my star they say

even if I don’t have a star per say

I will walk to the beat of my own drum

like the lonely cowboy who rides into the sun

no more need to keep score

when everything about this world is sore

you can’t wait for the last day of judgment

to start making life’s adjustments

even as the world comes to an end

take some time off to visit a friend

tell him the story of how the world begins

when life was the only gain

and mystery kept knowledge in a safe place

and now you have learned to let go of knowledge to find your place.


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