Closer and Darker

I want to speak of love in unseen gestures and unheard sounds

i want to write a sweet melody to my sweet lady

I want to stretch the land and include the no man’s land

I want to follow the path of the eagle

rising higher and higher

I want to dance life away and whisk death away

I want to be good but I do bad

I want what you want only when you want it

I want to break the mold and make my enemies fold

I want to pull the sun closer and make the rest of the world darker

I want my home in your heart for no thief to break in

I want to walk in the air to meet Jesus

I want to fly under the sea like the dragonfly

I want to give Atlas a rest and carry the world on my shoulders

I want my eyes milky and my look darky

I want empty skies but plenty ties

I want friendly looks but thrilling books

don’t misunderstand me

when you don’t know me

and I don’t know me

No matter how low you think of me

it’s not just about me

even though I wish it was all about me

but forget you and me

and let us have a toss to all the Mini Me and Biggie me out there!!!


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