Take Your Pick

Now that I have your attention

pay attention to what’s going to happen

listen as the clock ticks your life away

fill your cup with your ego and drink it down in one gulp

sit your fat behind before being asked

and watch the master of ceremonies

give you the seat next to the men’s toilet

count the dollar bills that take bits of you with every cent

fall hard and laugh hard at yourself

show me your guilt and i will show you mine

let’s compare and see which one is bigger

mock the past and believe in your future

better men have fallen

worse men have risen

make this moment count

sip some tea and exhale

take a bath and make bubbles

stand naked under the rain

write a love letter to your haters

create some distance with your lovers

fight the good fight

let your faith be a shield

the word of God your sword

be polite and open the door

but don’t let strangers in

don’t let children’s innocence fool you

they can be little devils at times

when they are not sweet little angels

you are the only one crying at birth

and the only one laughing at death

in this life there isn’t enough space for everyone

a sacrifice must be made to the gods

they take cash, visa, checks and blood

there’s only so much you can get away with

when your time is up

just take it like a man

or a woman take your pick.


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