“Joe, meet PC and PC meet Joe”

I face the screen and the screen faces me

I send my image to it, but it doesn’t send it back

I know you are there, looking at me from the other side of screen

I hope you will recognize me in these lines I write

I come here all the time to mumble, complain, have fun, laugh and cry

you are the closest thing to a friend I have ever had

sometimes you just turn your back on me

I try to turn you on, but your face remain blank

It’s true that I tire you out with all the ipods, jump drives, and phones I plug in you,

I hate needles too

don’t listen to those recycling jerks

you will never be recycled

you and me, it’s for eternity.

I still interact with my former friend, the one that you replaced

believe me when I say that there’s nothing between us

ok, she does have a bigger screen than you

but you remain my favorite

nothing will ever come between us

I always keep my eyes on you

and my fingers on the keyboard

It’s true that in the past we have had our differences

you wanted to hibernate and I wanted to type a letter

but like grownups, we have resolved them and moved beyond them

you still tease me once in a while in the middle of a project

but I am quick to remind you of the promise you have made.

I agree that lately I haven’t been taking care of you like I should

your screen is blurry with saliva and drinks spots

I forget to turn you off when I leave the room

but I promise to be a better man, or in our case to be more computer friendly.

Yours truly,

Joe/  but my friends call me Joy 🙂


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