Walking Down the Boulevard of Fame


Burn the asphalt but don’t lose your skin
Turn your coat inside out and walk around shirtless
If you smell burnt meat don’t block the sun
I watch divas walk down the street in breathless shoes
While cars own and drive rich animals
who were civilized and institutionalized in the best schools
I sleepwalk to my slavery work for the Allmighty Dollar
I call my coworkers family because they never ask for my money
Celebrity posters on my bedroom measure my self esteem
But I sign my name on them because I make them or break them.
I have one night stand with my clothes
But I keep sweet memories of each one.
I can have fun only if I spend
So I keep dollars around just for fun.
Computers call me friendly
But I find them bossy and needy at times.
I find my identity in the city
We only worship the future as our god
And sacrifice to its altar the past and present.
We want to write history while forgetting history
Even when there’s nothing under the sun
We kill ourselves to have our place under the sun.


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