Death in few words

Struggling with my faith & beliefs. If only they warned us before leaving, If only they say goodbye before, If only…

Alors, il faut arrêter d’attendre de terminer ses études, d’augmenter son salaire, de se marier, d’avoir des enfants, que ses enfants partent de la maison ou, simplement, le vendredi soir, le dimanche matin, le printemps, l’été, l’automne ou l’hiver, pour décider qu’il n’y a pas de meilleur moment que maintenant pour être heureux.

tu est toute ma vie,,tu est mon etre le plus chair ,,comme je ne pas pu te le dir alor laisse moi te l’ecrire,,tous ma quité san prevenir ,,je n’imaginé pas cette surprise,tu est parti pour ne plus revenir,, je t’aime papa… ” ( par Axelle L.)

We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love
He’s not gone because he lives in our hearts and soon we shall see him again.
we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.” 1 Thessalonians 4
Death can leave a heartache that no one can heal but love leaves a memory that no one can steal. you’ll always be in our hearts…
mais voila que tu est parti sans atendre ses mots.papa j’ai mal
le plus important c toi Papa,ah mn Dieu.j suis maintenant orphelin de pere,Dieu seul sais.tout c bon moment passe ensemble,aujourd8 c fini!!!nah,nah,j pourrai pas.jtm Papa,et jtmerai tjr.

you must die today

every bit of you must die

die to your ego

die to your vanity

die to your self

die every moment and every second

if you die today

you will live tomorrow

so die today

don’t hesitate a moment

kill everything that stands between you and your death

kill every excuse, person, thing standing in your way.

die, won’t you?

be reasonable and die

help me help you to live as

you die today

I want you to take the time to die properly

write your will

kiss your loved ones goodbye

and die like a man (a woman).

“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”



Can't believe they made a movie titled "Underdog"!! DO NOT WATCH IT. So sad.

Life is funny. Ok, that’s not a bad start. I know it’s not because everyone who reads that knows what I mean or what I am about to say, even though that sentence doesn’t mean anything when you take it apart. But moving on. Life is funny because I can edit this post. save it in a draft. polish it. spit on it then polish it again until it’s shiny and ready for your beautiful and attentive eyes. which by the way I don’t know if they really are.

Great! I just remember why I wanted to write this post in the first place. it’s 3 am and I should be snoring and trying to wake the whole neighborhood right now, but here I am inflicting pain to the keyboards. Ok, I promise to get to the point of this post as soon as possible.

The Underdog movies.

I am a sucker for underdog movies. GRRRR, can’t help myself, but to notice how much American lingo I have picked in my 7 years in this country. Can someone explain to me what underdog means? or sucker? Never mind. I been hugging my kleenex box and watching underdog movies on my netflix for the past two months instead of going through my summer reading list and finishing my writing projects, but there’s just something about underdog stories that makes just want to curl up in a couch and cry my eyes out.

I realize that it doesn’t matter to me if the story is in the science fiction like the Stargate series or Firefly series or in the past like Secretariat, the Fighter, Cinderella Man. As long as you throw in an unlikely champion or hero, I will forget that the earth is moving, that I smell bad because I need a shower, that I haven’t had food or water, that summers don’t last in Portland. Just so I can have a moment. A moment when I can feel like they are talking about me. That if he did it, if she did it, I can too.

No wonder Obama won. He took Hollywood’s underdog movies mantra and reminded Americans of the American Dream. Yes I can win this election and be the first colored president of United States of America. Yes you can win your battle against fear, addiction, cancer, sickness, poverty, and be the change you want to be in the world. yes you can become the most famous writer in the whole wide world and have your books translated in thousands of languages and be invited on tv shows, and by famous people who can’t say correctly your name. (Drums roll in the background!!!)

I don’t know when I started liking underdog movies or stories. one of the all timers underdog movies is Rocky. I don’t care and you shouldn’t either for the sequel. The first one was perfect and maybe the last one he just did not too long ago. Silvester Stallone was Rocky and Rocky was Silvester Stallone. A guy with an accent (Wassup to all my Immigrants who still keep it real?) who grew dirt poor, but could talk some sense into with his knuckles gets a chance to a championship title against a veteran warrior. For some reasons even though Carl Weathers who plays Apollo Creed is black, I never sided with him, because he was the bad guy to beat. And to this day, I’m always on the side of underdog. And there are still a lot of black, yellow, brown people who fit that description. and surprisingly too some white folks. Ok, racial politics 101 wasn’t part of my concern as a kid and still isn’t my primary concern today, but there’s no need sometimes to dance around the elephant in the room.

So where was I? Underdogs! Where are my dawgs at? allright let’s leave the hood and go to the suburbs. But on a serious note, I realize that sometimes I don’t qualify as an underdog to the strict sense of the term. If there is such a thing. The big shocker might be is that no one does. If you take the time to dissect any of your lovely underdog movies, you will see that there was always something special, out of the ordinary about the main character. whether it is sheer Herculean willpower. Piss-in-your-pants sense of humor. “luck”. “Destiny”. “Fate”. “Divine Intervention”. Something snapped some things into place and the underdog became the Big Dog to keep our metaphor going.

So here I am hoping to become soon the Big Dog around here, you knowwhatimsayin ? (Just can’t seem to live my imaginary “Hood behind!!)

Do you have any underdog movies that no one knows about and MUST absolutely see? Let me know, I need an excuse to go through my box of kleeners ifuknowwhatimean?

Silence Is like…

I love silence

I mean i like that I can say, think, spell the word silence

but still not have silence

silence shouldn’t exist as a word in the first place

it’s one of those things you are supposed to have without knowing that you have it in the first place

that’s an absolutely charming idea:

to have something without knowing that you have it.

like having the best pie in the world and not knowing

like seeing the most amazing sunset and not even realizing it

like having the most beautiful ears and hiding them

like having the moment of your life and forgetting it.

sometimes the silence comes like raindrops on a summer evening

unexpected but welcome.

silence steals moments here and there

when first time lovers were inside each other for the first time

when the flag is raised to raise your patriotism

when a worm is about to turn into a butterfly

when one gives up his last breath

when you are about to collide and you see your life flash by

when you check inside yourself and find nothing

silence disrupts and interrupts life for a little while

it gives you time to hold still before moving

to turn your tongue seven times before speaking

to check right and left before entering traffic

to listen before you speak

to have a one on one moment with yourself before you meet the world.


There it is

that’s all I got

five minutes to turn this piece into a poem that will stop

the monsters in Congo from raping

the blind Congolese Heads from staying

the human traffickers from working

the world from spiraling into greed, and greed and greed

my father, my grandfather, my brother from dying

myself from indulging into myself

the time from moving while  I am writing and you are reading.

Yet as  I write these lines,

I wait for the music to start

for the poem to be written,

for my lover to come home,

for my life to start,

for sleep to come,

for a smile on your face,

for a kiss on the cheek,

for a hug from my enemy,

for Jesus to return.

I wait and wonder why

while I seek for questions but not for answers

I search for words to complete me

I hope for the next one to save me

so I throw a line in this sea

and pray to see what I seek at the end of the line

when I pull back

but now

I wait and wonder

empty stare in an empty glass

rich smile for poor heart

expensive words for lonely minds

Beggars in expensive suits

slaves in shiny cars

naked I came, naked I will return

when the time is up,

there will be no snooze button.