There it is

that’s all I got

five minutes to turn this piece into a poem that will stop

the monsters in Congo from raping

the blind Congolese Heads from staying

the human traffickers from working

the world from spiraling into greed, and greed and greed

my father, my grandfather, my brother from dying

myself from indulging into myself

the time from moving while  I am writing and you are reading.

Yet as  I write these lines,

I wait for the music to start

for the poem to be written,

for my lover to come home,

for my life to start,

for sleep to come,

for a smile on your face,

for a kiss on the cheek,

for a hug from my enemy,

for Jesus to return.

I wait and wonder why

while I seek for questions but not for answers

I search for words to complete me

I hope for the next one to save me

so I throw a line in this sea

and pray to see what I seek at the end of the line

when I pull back

but now

I wait and wonder

empty stare in an empty glass

rich smile for poor heart

expensive words for lonely minds

Beggars in expensive suits

slaves in shiny cars

naked I came, naked I will return

when the time is up,

there will be no snooze button.



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