Silence Is like…

I love silence

I mean i like that I can say, think, spell the word silence

but still not have silence

silence shouldn’t exist as a word in the first place

it’s one of those things you are supposed to have without knowing that you have it in the first place

that’s an absolutely charming idea:

to have something without knowing that you have it.

like having the best pie in the world and not knowing

like seeing the most amazing sunset and not even realizing it

like having the most beautiful ears and hiding them

like having the moment of your life and forgetting it.

sometimes the silence comes like raindrops on a summer evening

unexpected but welcome.

silence steals moments here and there

when first time lovers were inside each other for the first time

when the flag is raised to raise your patriotism

when a worm is about to turn into a butterfly

when one gives up his last breath

when you are about to collide and you see your life flash by

when you check inside yourself and find nothing

silence disrupts and interrupts life for a little while

it gives you time to hold still before moving

to turn your tongue seven times before speaking

to check right and left before entering traffic

to listen before you speak

to have a one on one moment with yourself before you meet the world.


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