Existential quicksand

What do you see when you look inside you?

Is it the Nature’s silence disturbed by a chirping bird?

There’s nothing like having an existential crisis now and then

like stopping by every burger place and indulging yourself with all sort of coronary disease causing food.

People poke at you

searching, probing, dissecting for that real you

that real you, you have never met yourself

that real you, you wake up every morning looking for

if only today was the day.

if only today God would stop playing hide and seek

and show himself so we can have our dual like the last two cowboys of the Far Far West,

I’m tired of cynics, atheists, theists, and agnostics,

the only god they have ever worshiped is their flesh:

eat, drink, pee, poo, sex and on and on they go

they are only secure in their insecurities

but they better at hiding them through rhetorical acrobatics

even though they have the same beginning and end.

Babies know themselves, but forget as soon as they learn to speak.

Man looks in the mirror hoping to catch finally the sight of  self

and Man sighs when Man sees an Image, but not the Subject.

Man finally gives it up and let the Other take over

the only problem is Man never answers when the call comes

because the Other has taken over

Man is a vessel

a vase waiting to be filled

or if you prefer a cubic pot to be filled

vase might to be too feminine for guys.

the important parts are the filling and the emptying

with every filling and emptying, you could see epiphanies closing in

it could be today or tomorrow

maybe today is the day God will show himself  and

we will have our duals like two samurais from the Far Far East.


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