Where my boys at?

I lay no claim to fame

because all I want is a name

that no one can steal or borrow or frame

I want men to command and tame

While I remain today and tomorrow the same

pitiful, arrogant, egocentric and lame

Wannabe poet who can’t spell his own name

but wait, listen this will not be another promotion sale

I promise to rise and not fail

because if you are not the top male, you don’t mate

and males who don’t mate simply fade

because no one is waiting at the gate

to scold them when they are late

and remind them the date

when they are to meet their fate.

Let the record show that he came, he saw and conquered

for all the naysayers to say: I concur

he was the man, the male, the mate

no friend like him, no fighter like me mate.


from boardroom to bedroom they perform

and if they ever lose form

they find themselves in the eye of a storm

like those old men in college dorms

like butterflies that remained worms.



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