Musings about writing

There are moments you sit down and wonder why am I doing this? Why do I day after day do the same ish and expect a different result?

Not today. Today I’m still thinking about the post by Chuck, what-its-like-being-a-writer, and how much what he said is true about my writing experience. Well apart from the expletives, I totally can relate to the feelings he talks about. It’s worth mentioning, that his raw, raunchy, gritty posts were too much for me to handle at first, but then I started reading past them to find those gems of advice about writing. He brings the hate or love in people and that’s unique.

I realize that what makes one a writer is the attention to language. Consider such a phrase: Writing is like having a mental orgasm that comes waves after waves. I just came up with that. I also can tell you that it’s inspired by my reading. Now depending on your social background, you might find this unnecessarily explicit or ingenious. You are right in both cases, not because I just want to have both sides of the argument but because I can have both sides of the argument. Writers do that a lot. they remain gray. Neither white or black. Only on paper of course. In life, they, like everybody else, make choices that makes them either white or black. I hope no one thinks I’m talking about race, because I am and I am not.

St Augustin of Hippo said it best when he said: “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum est.” To make mistakes is human, but to persevere in them is diabolic. Light never clashes with light, but when it is next to darkness , you can see what’s light is all about. So far, I am a divided being. The christian and the writer haven’t reconciled, but they will one day.

As a writer, my aim is to produce writing that sparkle, shines so bright that it reveals and chases away all darkness. mmmmm, that sounds like a New Age statement. Yes, I’m idealistic. If I was pragmatic, I should have stayed in my science major and follow a medical career, but I am not anal enough, detail oriented enough to always split hairs between molecular and organic chemistry. I enjoy wordplay too much to be stuck on word definition and/or meaning. I like what feelings words could bring rather than the information they convey. It’s the difference between being an actor playing a doctor and a doctor being himself. Well, you could also say it’s the difference between an actor playing an actor and an actor being himself, but this could go on ad nauseam.

As a writer, it’s not about writing something, it’s about having written something. The only part of a trip that I like is when I have arrived at destination. The only part of a workout I like is when I’m done. There’s just no feeling like having written THE END on a project. That’s the reason I like flash fiction.

As a writer, I wish one day to have a gorgeous voice. Voice is what makes a non reader stops on his routine of doing whatever and listen to what you have to say because the non reader or those who don’t know nothing about the joys of reading experience can say: That guy or girl right there knows me or again that guys or girl doesn’t know me, but he or she just said something I never thought or heard about and I want to sit down a little to take it in.

As a writer, the big and small questions of life are always asked, even though it means not having the right answer.

Great writers are great listeners but the most vicious judges also because they know where to poke too. In order to bring to life realistically different characters, they have to inhabit someone’s else shoes long enough to know what they fee like.

I want to hear who has said, wrote, done something that has inspired you. That had left you wondering what has just happened to me. I was here, but now I’m there and it’s all because of such and such…

One last thing: We all are born storytellers, your life only makes sense or doesn’t make sense based on the narrative you tell yourself, you might not write it somewhere, but you have a script that you follow or don’t follow so yes writers don’t do much, but if they can write about you and they have never met you, they must be special then.

Let’s hear it!!


2 thoughts on “Musings about writing

  1. Yes, mein freund, this is the direction I want to see this blog going! (insert diabolical laughter here). I thoroughly enjoyed Chuck’s post. But for all his raunchiness, he tries to hard to explain Us to Them. I am done explaining. When I say I am a writer and I get those those cheap shots thrown at me, I simply say Fuck Off! Moving on.

    I’m not buying this role play we get dragged into where artists have to explain and justify themselves until they garner commercial success and fame.

    You know I dislike New Ageism with a passion, but here it comes: you already have a voice as a writer. You just have to find it.

    Lastly, stop struggling with Christianity, for Crissake, man! We have talked about this. You know what I always tell you to do. Do it! (Here, of course, is that superego injunction that I serve in your life). Do it!

    Put me down for a copy of each of your books.

    • Yes, Chuck invests a lot in every post he gives like he’s always trying to outdo himself. Good for him though. Yeah, I feel you on that, why waste time to explain something beyond them?
      I also hate these talks about voice! I will take whatever voice helps me become a full time writer. So yes, I have to find myself, but I like also when the self I find is the one that pays the bills! lol
      Struggling with Christianity is like struggling with life. Just when you think it’s over, it comes back.

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