Gym workouts versus African dances

After some tear jerking comments about my weights from my dear and ever caring family( I later cried at night with a box of chocolate, kleenex and soap operas-ok maybe not that much), I had enrolled at the gym and I went there on and off for three years without seeing much change. One pound on and off. sometimes two, but nothing drastic to make my money worth. yes, I breathe better. have no more back problems. scare old white ladies because I’m now big and black, but that’s not all I wanted.

then I was fascinated by parkour and/or gymnastics, but I wasn’t about to squeeze myself in tights so I can go around runningand jumping. To be honest, I hurt myself just from watching him doing all those stunts.

Then I tried to step at my Congolese roots and the like of Fally Lipupa and Werra Son. Well, that’s all I did: Try because I was out of breath soon to keep up with these seasoned dancers who were swinging their hips right and left as if they were born and only lived to dance and I haven’t even touched on the dances move coming from Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt that provide free cardio workouts without leaving your room.

I start to sound like those infocommercials that advertise a new product that will DEFINITIVELY make you lose those love handles! I’m just thinking that there are more creative ways to give yourself a good cardio by digging around the tried out cultural dances from around the world. It might involve some awkwardness, embarrassed laughter, but it will be definitively more fun than simply going for a run or biking or whatever. Then again, some will pass on this, others will have their lives changed forever. I’m kidding….not. maybe.

Let me know what you think!


9 thoughts on “Gym workouts versus African dances

  1. NDOMBOLO anyone?? I am glad that you are engaging in creative medians to get in to shape then fitfully going to gym and not get the results that is promised. I think partaking in Congolese dance is a great start. I’ll advise that you make a YouTube clip to share with non-believers the power of Dance especially for males in a paternalistic society.There is nothing wrong with a man shaking his ass, and tightening up those handles.
    “SHAKE THAT A$$” SON!!

    • There’s not going to be any booty shaking video from me in this or the next life!!! lol but you right about male needing to feel free to shake it but I am a writer not a dancer.

  2. I always invite you to basketball, but you always have something to do, some poem to write, some wedding to attend lol.

    And isn’t writing just word-dancing. Dancing with words?

  3. This is such a good post! I also have been going to the gym and don’t feel very fulfilled- it is so isolating most of the time, and I feel like a zombie watching tv while on a treadmill. I should really get connected with dance… not only does it sound like a feel-good activity, but it may boost some confidence too 🙂

    • yes, that’s the whole point of dance: have fun while sweating away some calories!! I agree with the confidence boost too, I am not going to say that I am ready to make it a full time hobby, but for now I’m learning and enjoying it.

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