A very, very short love story

We started at hello

and ended at sayonara

she was straight to the point:

I want a man

she said I want a man the same way

she says I want chocolate

rich, creamy, melting softness

for her to mold like clay into greatness

but i was a mountain

and she was a bird

you can climb me up

but you can’t move me

and stonewall I did

it was one of those short love stories

where lovers are losers

and haters are winners

forget les je t’aime

when I can’t even say your name

it’s nothing personal

but we were both in denial

putting each other on trial

always ready to push each other’s dial

i know we stay honest, we can’t fail

me, you, us can’t fail

we can make this work

keep me, you, us on the scale

until our children hear our tale

that mom and dad tried and didn’t fail

we started at hello

and ended at sayonara

I was a mountain

she was a bird

and we made each other happy.


One thought on “A very, very short love story

  1. First, let me say that idiotic thing all undergrads say when they read a poem: I liked it. Then, let me move on to my favorite image: but I was a mountain and she a bird…and stonewall I did…

    Now let me turn the fire on the poem: I’d drop the end rhymes. Unless and unless you can’t find another word, try to avoid the end rhymes, especially full rhymes. Half rhymes work, but full end rhymes will derail a poem fast i.e. make it sound like a song on Z100 FM. Just sayin’

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