Daddy’s little girl

He felt pepper in his eyes before tears flooded his eyes

her lively and lush scent had rewired his wants and needs

the small creature in his arms proved to be the center of his world

“Daddy’s little girl”

She stole his heart right away and eclipsed his “I shall have only boys” speech

1 pm he spilled his coffee

3 pm she went into contractions

3:05 pm she called him

3:05:30 his heart started pumping more blood to his brain so he may think more clearly

9:00pm the baby put her arm out her mother like she was reaching for him

9:00:30 he lost conscience

9:01 pm he came back when he heard her cry

9:02 pm father and daughter were both crying

tears to say hello to this little angel who breached her way into this world

she came, she stole their heart, and made their world spin left

he was to replay those moments when her hand reached out of her mother

when she fell to the ground and cried for Papa

when he was too busy at work and she refused to sleep before Papa made it home

when her classmates teased her and she threatened to bring Papa

when she scored a goal in a soccer game and looked at the stands for Papa

But in her 16th year of existence, on the day, at the hour, at the minute she had made her unforgettable entrance in this world,

mama crumbled their world:

it was on a hot summer night, nine months before Angel was born

Daddy hadn’t talked to mommy for a month so mommy grew some horns

Daddy’s best friend became mommy’s one time lover and Angel’s father

Daddy always knew but hoped Angel will keep them glued

but on her 16th year, on that day, at the hour, at the minute she entered the world

mama crumbled their world:

She let her one time lover come to his daughter’s birthday

Daddy beat the man like God beat Adam out of clay

no charges were pressed and no biological father ever came around

Daddy took Angel and left mommy

Angel never asked for mommy because she was and will always be

Daddy’s little girl.


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