Love at every sight

We blushed as we passed each other in the hall

She was riding a red bike and a red dress

Our dark skins glowed with pleasure

As we recognized each other

Man and woman from a distant time

Reincarnated into these temporary vessels

To take another stab at fulfilling our destinies

We were soulmates who lived parallel lives

Always passing each other but never meeting one another

I never thought to ask where she was going

Who she was, where she was from, what was her favorite color, what was her favorite movie, what was her first memory, what was the first thing she did when she woke up, what would it take for me to steal her heart

I never thought to ask because her eyes dipped too far in me

And retrieved more than I was willing to share

As we passed each other in the hall

It was my favorite time of the day

I always dressed appropriately

Trying expensive combinations of colors and gestures

To make her stop and ask:

What’s that you wearing?

To make her stop and  see me

Little me that she glanced every morning

I wanted to be the ground on which her feet walked

The handle her hands grasped

The bike she rode with pleasure

The purse she wouldn’t let go

The blackberry she held to her ear

The mirror she looked in the morning

The necklace on her chest hearing her heartbeat

I knew myself ill equipped to change her world

But I knew enough rumba to rock her world

This wasn’t love at first sight

It was love in every sight.




and I heard; and I heard his voice coming from the Earth. His lips moved, but the sound seemed to come from beneath our feet. He admitted to not be special, but simply another vessel, placed here to transmit, to transfer data from the other side. It was up to me, to us to accept or refuse.But I realized soon enough that the chant wouldn’t let me go and it started playing in my head like a broken record, but there was no stop button for me to reach and stop but to surround myself with noise at all times. Even though I couldn’t make out the words of his chant, it wasn’t noise to me. My brain somehow seemed to decode it, like it and understand it without asking for my permission. I liked when it asked for my permission before moving ahead, but it was too late now. I now had another chant stuck inside me that was to influence me in ways I wouldn’t know since I didn’t know consciously what was inside of me.



Even when they say it’s impossible, even when your mind tells you can’t, believe in your heart that you can and just hang on.dont.give.up.


The timeless wise beast kept hidden between his teeth pearls of wisdom. He sat there. waiting. hoping. bidding his time. refusing to wither away. rain or shine, he was there. only visible to those who believed in the impossible.





















And while the adults looked the other way, the beast talked with them. Sharing with them these tales of the world below. Telling them stories too grandiose for adult ears, too simple for adult eyes but stories to keep the heart warm and the smile bright. These stories will remain buried in them and once in awhile, in their adult lives, as they walked by, they would feel something stir up as they would walk by the beast, but they would be unable to put the finger on it.


This is not a dream. You are fully awake and I am coming for you. You have always known that this day would come and now here we are. Me and you. Nowhere to go but forward. Don’t be afraid, it will be over quick and it will be painless. You are not the first or the last. Nothing special about you. Just another meal. Let’s get it over with!!!!!



I saw animal skins covering the trees to protect them from men’s axes that want to cut, cut and cut what keeps the Earth breathing so animal let their skins off and hung them on trees and thus participated in nature’s conservation.


a monster took me as a child and made me in his image and before long I started to create little other monsters around me and ad nauseam.

our first kiss was magical, levitating, surprising, sweet, spicy. Just what the doctor ordered for my depression.

I don’t serve just drinks, I serve with my heart on my sleeves, ready to bow with grace whenever you seem me for who I really am.


GPS for Happiness

First thing when I wake up is to search for the cords that could plug me in directly to happiness

My dreams tend to leave me miserable and I found myself searching at the bottom of a glass drops of peace

I get in my car but get lost in my ways and ask the first passer by if she knows the direction to Happiness City

I have to keep the motor running while I’m waiting

otherwise the clock inside stops ticking and I have to start over

I meet the Officer Big Hugs who oversees malevolent thoughts traffic

He pulls me aside to give me a free hug and reminds me to be careful as I drive

At my arrival at school, I search where to park myself in the hearts of men

I pick my cross and start to climb the mountain in order to meet God

Moses follows me closely with a huge stick

Jesus cries with me and tells me to hang in there

He keeps giving little sweets of Peace whenever I let go

When He isn’t tearing into pieces my Enemies

my fellow classmates/ sojourners have their GPS for Happiness

they write, speak and walk with assurance to the next stop

refusing to share seats with strangers who don’t write, speak and walk with assurance

when I come down from the mountain, I look for the North Star to guide me home

I throw away the ticket on my car for parking violation in the hearts of men

but not before I write: “The Kingdom of God has suffered violence and violent men take it by force”

I make my home and pick up every homeless I pass by

they invade my space, change its smell, take away my possessions but leave my heart golden

and free to fill up the space I inhabit without bumping into stuff.