Everyday I dip my feet in the grass to feel alive.
Everyday I tie my shoes into a knot and I untie my heart.
Everyday I fold my clothes and unfold my mind to new realities.
Everyday I wash my plates and keep a fresh smile on my face.
Everyday I put one foot after another trying to find my balance on this Earth.
Everyday I speak in tongues and God listens.
Everyday I study words and I find life.
Everyday I open my eyes to see more clearly because the night steals my vision.
Everyday I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle toward my destiny.
Everyday I breathe life into characters and I search for the gas tank of my life.
Everyday I waste time because I am eternal.
Everyday I search for home like the baby searches for its mother’s womb.
Everyday I open windows to embrace the universe.
Everyday I say a blessing for those who curse.
Everyday God takes me out of the darkness and I step into the light.
Everyday I hop to work, hoping to change humanity with every task I am given.
Everyday I grow my ears and shrink my eyes.
Everyday I build my nest in the sky and make stops on Earth.
Everyday I put my ear to the ground and listen for the heart beat.


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