First week of Class

Monday: Be still my soul and know God. Phone vibrate. Got an hour to get ready for class. but first things first: gather all my clothes and those little bits of myself that were dispersed throughout the room during my dreams. Morning traffic: my soul break out of myself and grow itself wings to escape the stress building in that metallic cage that I call car but isn’t moving. Morning class: strangers sit next to each other to eat knowledge like desert travelers about to share a water cup from the same well. Dinner time: No one to share food with except the little ant that just passed by in my kitchen.

Tuesday: Be still my soul and know God. I’m awake before the alarm from my phone wakes me up. Feeling happy and fulfilled but can’t recall the dream as if I have received an emotional surgery but will never recover the memory of the operation itself. I know not to reject a gift when I see one. Morning class: Feeling in tune with the text, the classmates and the instructor and understanding you only get what you give. Lunch time: called up a friend and shared a meal. 5 pm: traffic on the way back home. driver cuts me from the right. Blood pressure rises. Curses him silently. calms down and arrives home safely.

Wednesday: Be still my soul and know God. Wakes up at the alarm going off. shut it off and goes right back to sleep. O the good ole days when you could sleep at 3 am and wake up at noon! 11:00 O’ clock finally leaving the house for class. I realize my mind had played tricks on me: In my desire for sleep, I had convinced myself that class was at 11:30 like on tuesday instead of 10:00. Oops. Time to go hang out with friends. Will go through today’s reading materials later. It happens that I learn more sometimes hanging out with friends than going to class. #nonacademiclearning.

Thursday: Be still my soul and know God. Wakes up at the alarm. Submissively takes shower then breakfast then gets to class on time. I feel like someone should pat me on the back for being a good boy. All I can hear is lonely play in the speaker of my mind. So I search the company of men and refuses the one of books. at least for now. On my way home, the gray sky seemed to cover my life but thank God I have pockets full of sunshine!!

Friday: Be still my soul and know God. No alarm clock. Class was cancelled. Thank God. Boredom knocks at the door but I’m too carpe diem to answer. Even as I marinate in the silence of my room, I search for where the darkness breaks down and light penetrates. I have been given this moment. This day to make it as beautiful as it could be. But for now I’m going back to sleep.


One thought on “First week of Class

  1. When did we hang out? Thursday or Wednesday? I never did explain to you why it is that writers drink so much. Well, in my days as a poet I drank a lot more. And had scoundrels for friends. But these days I’m much better — as you saw when we hung out.

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