GPS for Happiness

First thing when I wake up is to search for the cords that could plug me in directly to happiness

My dreams tend to leave me miserable and I found myself searching at the bottom of a glass drops of peace

I get in my car but get lost in my ways and ask the first passer by if she knows the direction to Happiness City

I have to keep the motor running while I’m waiting

otherwise the clock inside stops ticking and I have to start over

I meet the Officer Big Hugs who oversees malevolent thoughts traffic

He pulls me aside to give me a free hug and reminds me to be careful as I drive

At my arrival at school, I search where to park myself in the hearts of men

I pick my cross and start to climb the mountain in order to meet God

Moses follows me closely with a huge stick

Jesus cries with me and tells me to hang in there

He keeps giving little sweets of Peace whenever I let go

When He isn’t tearing into pieces my Enemies

my fellow classmates/ sojourners have their GPS for Happiness

they write, speak and walk with assurance to the next stop

refusing to share seats with strangers who don’t write, speak and walk with assurance

when I come down from the mountain, I look for the North Star to guide me home

I throw away the ticket on my car for parking violation in the hearts of men

but not before I write: “The Kingdom of God has suffered violence and violent men take it by force”

I make my home and pick up every homeless I pass by

they invade my space, change its smell, take away my possessions but leave my heart golden

and free to fill up the space I inhabit without bumping into stuff.



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