Even when they say it’s impossible, even when your mind tells you can’t, believe in your heart that you can and just hang on.dont.give.up.


The timeless wise beast kept hidden between his teeth pearls of wisdom. He sat there. waiting. hoping. bidding his time. refusing to wither away. rain or shine, he was there. only visible to those who believed in the impossible.





















And while the adults looked the other way, the beast talked with them. Sharing with them these tales of the world below. Telling them stories too grandiose for adult ears, too simple for adult eyes but stories to keep the heart warm and the smile bright. These stories will remain buried in them and once in awhile, in their adult lives, as they walked by, they would feel something stir up as they would walk by the beast, but they would be unable to put the finger on it.


This is not a dream. You are fully awake and I am coming for you. You have always known that this day would come and now here we are. Me and you. Nowhere to go but forward. Don’t be afraid, it will be over quick and it will be painless. You are not the first or the last. Nothing special about you. Just another meal. Let’s get it over with!!!!!



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