and I heard; and I heard his voice coming from the Earth. His lips moved, but the sound seemed to come from beneath our feet. He admitted to not be special, but simply another vessel, placed here to transmit, to transfer data from the other side. It was up to me, to us to accept or refuse.But I realized soon enough that the chant wouldn’t let me go and it started playing in my head like a broken record, but there was no stop button for me to reach and stop but to surround myself with noise at all times. Even though I couldn’t make out the words of his chant, it wasn’t noise to me. My brain somehow seemed to decode it, like it and understand it without asking for my permission. I liked when it asked for my permission before moving ahead, but it was too late now. I now had another chant stuck inside me that was to influence me in ways I wouldn’t know since I didn’t know consciously what was inside of me.


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