Make right right and wrong wrong

I have gently climbed over the other side of the moon and let my feet dangle in the atmosphere

my heavy legs were finally weightless and my soul finally grew heavier

I wanted this moment. Right here. Right now. To last.

I wanted the stars to fly by et me faire des bisous au loin.

I wanted “Hakuna Matata” tattooed on my upper and lower lips

so I can smile my way through life.

I had finally, I tell you, found my place in the universe

And I can’t say that I was surprised by the outcome

I was sure as I am sure that I am a biped and not a quatriped that this was going to come to this point.

This point where I had nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

Just here with me, myself and I.

But I have to say I miss the songs of the stream

and the little chirps of birds before Tom the cat swallows them.

But who am I fooling?

You can’t possibly have everything you desire

It’s unfair

And you can’t live with yourself after that

let’s not forget that you are too much of a wuss to commit seppuku

So make sure to keep the balances tipped

keep the winners and the losers in their seats

Once in awhile make them change places

but don’t let anyone get their fair share

or I will have to climb down from my side of the moon

to make right right and wrong wrong.


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