Happy Late Birthday to this blog!!!

Happy late birthday to this blog!! Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year since I decided to start writing this blog. I want to give a shout to Princesse Likayi who listened to my anxieties riddled moments when I wasn’t getting any stats and who encouraged me to keep it up.

Thanks to Kweli who has been a faithful critic and visitor of this blog.

Thanks to Safa who has left some great comments on up and coming novella: MPEMA. 

Thanks to family, friends and my lovable AD who makes the world a little brighter.

Thanks to the subscribers: yoga-dan; Saba Saleem; divinealign; Stewart; Sabrina Moella  and all those who read my blog through facebook, I do realize I need to make more effort to break through these virtual barriers and establish human connections between us.

Y’all have made this possible. For this coming year, we will have more poems, photopoetry, short stories, visits from my subscribers ( I want us to be posting on each other’s blog at some point hopefully) and short clips that I will be directing and editing (Yes, I’m branching out my creative powers!!). Stay tuned!

Oh, I almost forgot I have also this tumblr: jomul7 where my eclectic mind stretches its muscles and this other blog I am part of: http://mbokayabakoko.wordpress.com/

Joy M.

And since this is sunday, here some a philosophical comic to enjoy: Never ever give up. Your dreams.




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