Demo crassy or the hopes of a generation



For the last two weeks, congolese have been watching, waiting, yelling, insulting, voicing their opinions on social networks for the elections that happened for the third time in the history of Congo. Family members and friends dropped their guards down and went at each other throats for supporting such and such candidate.

Most of the Congolese, me included, felt like since Tunisia had her revolution, Egypt, Lybia, Congo should be next.

Yes, Congo will be next. Just not now.

Yet the seeds have been planted in the minds of young Congolese and I remain hopeful:

Hopeful that Western vultures will not have the last word,

hopeful that the current president and every congolese authority who stood by while 8 millions of Congolese were being slaughtered and raped will be brought to Justice for being passive

hopeful that minerals will serve Congolese needs for education, health and communication

hopeful that there will be less tribalism and more nationalism

hopeful that the Heart of Africa will be allowed to beat again and energize the rest of the continent.


5 thoughts on “Demo crassy or the hopes of a generation

  1. I’m seeing Malcolm X everywhere this week on blogs I frequent.

    On hope: we hope because the obverse of hope is unbearable.

    To tell you the truth, the BBC coverage of the election is sloppy at best. They keep regurgitating colonial and Western tropes. At some point, there was navel gazing discussion as to whether Congo would have been better off if they stayed under the Belgians. Imagine that.

    • yes, there’s no other way than to keep hoping. I know BBC’s take isn’t the best, but that was just for a general idea. I did miss that part about the Belgians but then again that wouldn’t surprise me coming from a British journalist who spits facts just for the sake of writing an article.

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  3. Thank you for uniting the Diaspora (in Malcolm X) with the Continent. I hope to see Congo rise as the heart of Africa that it is; that no longer will foreign threats take out each ‘country’ of Africa like a duck, but rather a united Africa will protect each portion, from Egypt to Angola and the Jamaica and New York in between.


    • It’s the smallest contribution I could make to this never ending issue that plagues black people everywhere in the world, and yet we keep rising above it every single time!

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