And there I was, Christian and Black, standing in front of Lazarus tomb where

Jesus wept

There I was, remembering the forced down gospel my ancestors received  while they stripped them of their lands

Remembering the cut off hands, the lashes, the slavery, the forced down western education and clothes,

Remembering that there was nothing to return since they came,

My skin and my dance moves, the only relics of a bygone age,

I stood there and wept too

For the cross the black men carry

To save anyone but themselves

for Christ, the brown man and the Son of God, died to put one World under One God

Then I saw white doves flying

and looked up to the sky awaiting the Holy Ghost to come down

But the sky was mute and grim looking

It was nothing personal

I was this little grain of sand asking for a change in the tides

Asking for the Earth to rotate the other way

Asking for a little bit of Justice

Before God’s cups of wrath spill over the Earth

And make everyone pay for their actions

Asking for a little bit of love

Like the warm meals my mama used to make

Filling the kitchen with aromas of kindness and joy

Like the time she would pick me up when I have fallen

But there’s no paradise to be found anywhere

No Lazarus, no slaves, no masters, no cross,

Just another lost man playing Hide and Seek with God.


After publishing this, I realized I didn’t put any titles, and I had to resist the temptation to go back and fix it. I would be curious to know what title would people give this piece.


3 thoughts on “

    • I am deep in my religion, but this was experimental. I was trying to find a crossroad between history and religion and I don’t know if I am satisfied with the results. The believer in me is more grounded than the artist on this blog.

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