It rocks you at night

right and left while sleep slips under you

to never come back.


you try to drown it in water

it resurfaces moments later, the shadow of a smile on its face


it plays mind tricks on you

it creates before  you a table filled with delicacies

that are too sweet and too mouth watering to be named

but your stomach trumpets its approval

while you smack your lips together with expectation


It slips its lengthy tongue inside you

and sucks out all the niceness out of you

leaving you: Armed and Dangerous


It kills slowly and without mercy

it has devoured the weak and the strong

it has eaten up the old and the young

but drives you mad when it can’t kill you


it wakes you up at night

when you were lying in your bed pretending to sleep

trying to hold in your cupped hands your little self

trying to hold to the little part of you that’s still there and kicking

refusing to let go

refusing to let you go

keeping your heart beating even when your mind has died

but dreams and visions still pass through your eyes

reminding you that tis shall pass too

that when all is said and done

you will walk out here

whatever is left of you will walk out here and tell the tale of



Note from the author: Hunger is not black, pot bellied, snot nosed and arms raised toward white, benevolent hands. Hunger is not on TV. Hunger knows no color, no creed, no religion, no class. It changes names, becomes bulimia for the rich, but hunger never goes away. You have to meet your hunger and hold it captive. It just might save you.


4 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. This one is so deep and layered; from the word choice (hunger “rocks” you in your sleep); to the pace and the repetition (“refusing to let you go”).

    Eish, man, very evocative.

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