Sea Child: A poem


I heard laughter in his steps
Even when I saw the tears in his eyes
You still could hear a laughter as
He walked by, joy spilling out of him
He had that smile
You know the one that stretch your heart open before
You can say no
I tell you he really could open
his face, his hands and his feet
There was little doubt that
God was singing
And probably dancing too
when He put him together
One nugget of joy at a time
He was all glow, no beauty
But he was a little bit slow to notice it.
On warm days, he would walk in the middle of the streets
His stride wide and sunny just like
The grin stuck on his face
His pink shirt slightly open revealing that manly hair
His sandals barely hanging on to those wide feet
He sent greetings from the left part of his chest to anyone he met
And walked all the way to the beach to sit and wait.
He didn’t know why the sea called him
But he couldn’t resist the call
And no matter he went or did on that day
He would always end up there at the beach sitting and waiting.
He didn’t know that he was a miracle child
He didn’t know that his mother almost
Offered her beautiful but sad self to the spirits of the sea
He didn’t know that those spirits gave her what no man could give
A child
He didn’t know that special gifts came with the notice: Handle with Care
Everyone knew except him
That lady Fate was around the corner
Waiting for the Sea child to be crowned
In order to be born again
One has to die first.
You have to enter the womb and close your eyes
But first you have to kiss Death french kiss like
You can’t afford to be shy with Him
Our Sea child has never been known to be the shy type
So on his 30th birthday, on a little cloudy day, his mother, his blanket, his  secretary of defense kissed his polished, baby soft forehead
That holy place
That pilgrim place
His laughter calling us from afar.
He felt a gap he couldn’t grasp
Confused, he saw himself walk to the beach where he sat and waited.

Clipped voices from his village rose and fell as his day went away

“This is his last day on Earth?”

“What will happen to her mother, Rosa?”

“What would happen to us”

“I will miss him”

“The WORLD will miss him.”

“He was easily a sunshine in this valley of Tears.”

“We can’t let this happen.”

“Who are we to say no when the gotds say yes?”

“Then why give us a flower born in the morning and dead in the evening?”

“Might as well as ask why night comes when when we need daylight?”

“we have to stop him.”

This is not your battle. We are toys in a playground and it’s not ours to say when we have pleasure or anger coming our way.”

He was on the beach

Not alone

Maybe he was

Another man in a crowded street.

They had whispered these things

But he heard them through and through

He felt a gap he couldn’t grasp.

He heard a laughter from the sea

He stood up and laughed back

Father was calling

His clothes slipped off him

A cloud rose from the sea and came for him.

The crowd behind looked and didn’t see what was happening

Sea child was returning to Father

A deal is a deal

When the Sun retires, the stars chime in.



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