Lucky Lucke is faster than his shadow

Lucky Luck est plus rapide que son ombre (Lucky luck is faster than his shadow)

I remember the first time I stood up

And looked at myself straight in the eyes

I stared and glared at that shape

I waved and shook my fist at him

My moves were seen a mile away

His instincts were in tune with mine

But only one of us had substance

And this world had only space for one of us

I was thrifty like that

My knife in hand

One slice was all I needed

But I counted the scars and stars all over him

His hair was curly, black and short

His arms bulged with promises

His short legs stood apart and strong like an hippopotamus

His gaze was familiar

But I knew a threat when I saw one

This day has always been waiting around the corner

You dance with Death too long

She’s bound to take you home one of these days

My fingers reached for his face and pushed

He fell backward and broke in little pieces

I looked straight in his eyes

As light bounced off him and sent him away

I stood where he was and a tear fell to the ground.


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