Narrative poem: I got me a new friend

I’m still new to narrative poems and I still hope to get to write longer than this, but I did like this one.

Crouched against the wall,
His arms rubbed against the inside of his legs
His back stretched against his muscles
I returned one day from work and there he was
Whimpering, growling, clenching his sharp teeth
Keeping his face hidden to the corner of the wall
As if it was going to open up at some point

I hoped it did and this would confirm that I was dreaming
That I didn’t have This in my living room
I decided to flush some alcohol down my system to think more clearly
And with a broom in hand I was going to ask It to reveal itself
I poked him a couple of times with my broom
A low growl sent me a warning
His body shivered once in a while
The clock on the wall ticked slowly
Sleep was pulling me out of reality
My feeble will grasped at the slippery moment

With my eyes fixated on it
I backed into my armchair
And put the broom on my lap
Sleep slapped the lights out of me
Before I could protest and argue
I can’t tell how long I was suspended between Dream and Reality
I woke up to a heavy breathing and oversized eyes covered by oily hair.

He had a small nose and thin lips
His yellow complexion was spaced by bruises.
I knew a threat when I saw one
My broom was broken in half
We eyed each other looking inside one another
Seeking the anomaly in the other
I coughed a little and extended my hand toward him:
“My name is Lucien de Maison and you?”
This civility left no impression on my new friend

I was paper white, he was pencil dark

I needed for this incident to have never occurred

I needed for IT or him to rise and vanish

Outside, there was no sight of Superman or a Messiah

This Human Thing was here to stay and I wasn’t consulted

And to think this was going to be my last evening

It was not proper to depart from this world without a proper supper

I closed the door and made a feast for the two of us

We both forgot our manners and shared a pot of meat on the floor

I saw a glint of pleasure in my eyes flash by his eyes

I went to my bathroom and dumped my pills

I returned to find him curled up in my couch

I covered him up and then I saw myself smiling in the mirror.


3 thoughts on “Narrative poem: I got me a new friend

    • I don’t know to be honest, I have read poems that cover 5 pages and old Greek poetry used to be long like that, so it’s a learning process for me.

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