Writing along “Ego trippin’ by Nikki Giovannni

I have a big belly because I have a lot to say
I wouldn’t sadly be able to say the same about my head
When I fall in love which is very often I must say, my ears flutter like a butterfly
My nostrils do a quick suction movement when anger beats hard in my chest
My lips pull back to show my advertisement worth teeth
My arms swell up and stretch when I do push ups and they inflate easily my ego
I have these olympic legs to sustain my substance and the world on my shoulders
And now that we are on the topic of my shoulders, these majestic and herculean pads require constant display to justify their size
Regarding my feet, they have this immaculate neatness to the point that I use my toes as forks and toenails as knives
My voice which rises, fluctuates, modulates, grows and diminishes depending on the mood of my listeners has earned the nickname “Silver Tongue”
I keep my eyes light diminished by non medical glasses and few are those who have looked inside those eyes and survived
If you see yourself in me, it’s simply because we are the same
gods made of the same stuff as the stars.


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