What do you know about making those little cuts that drain life slowly but surely?

you have to be precise and focused when you are trying to kill yourself

one inch too far and you are a vegetable or just another ugly mofo

your only regret is that you have never been given the option of “Return to the Sender” when you were given Life

every thread of bliss you ever held always get cut off as soon as a smile breaks open your face

you sometimes envy those who laugh easy as if their lives were soft and easy

or just maybe they have learned to not stare too long into the abyss

as they go on listening to sultry and soothing tunes of those who have nothing else but joy.

no cut is ever the same, every single one is always a new experience

you don’t have to be dead to feel dead,

and I’m sure feelings are the last thing dead people worry about

sometimes it feels like having these feelings is all I look forward to

Death in itself doesn’t look as charming as it was from that angle

Do those who jump over the bridge question their decision as they see the ground approach?

There’s no instant replay when you cross some lines

Your mind might indulge itself in replaying it for your own pleasure

but Reality only offers One Way trips

the Past is alive in us with all its twists and half truths

you speak words like nails onto a cross

you march like the universe rests on your shoulders

but you are not ready to be swallowed up

and when everything is said and done, you know you like your cups half full.


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  1. When all is said and done, the optimistic school of thought is assessed too highly. Emptiness has its uses. A lot depends on this kind of sinking, and with time one learns to enjoy it. If it accompanies you through your life -as it is wont to do- it becomes a kind of steadfast, reliable companion.

    • I am a pessimistic by nature and for a lot of reasons, and yes after awhile one does enjoy feeling and being in that state of mind and mocking those who see life differently, but then again that’s why I smile and laugh even when it’s absurd.

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