O belly, O glorious one!

Chi rotates in there

its rotation has a silent hum

that human ears only catch when all else falls silent

God engineers an entire being in there

He makes it look easy but it’s nonetheless 7 billion engineered beings

a mystical glow hovers around its roundness

this glow is known to attract stranger’s hands to feel the life inside

but for the glow to rest on that roundness,

it requires perfect smoothness

no kinks or unevenness is tolerated

life must be visible to the glass wearing eyes

in order to get the necessary and sizable glow

the sightings of life must also be perceptible and sensitive to touch from all angles

any movement or sound due to digestion or rapid regurgitation doesn’t count

in the absence of life, a certain prettiness must be present in all positions

the External test for such prettiness consists of elaborate paintings on its surface

no surgical opening will be needed and everyone is known to fail the Internal test

such paintings will either bring Ugly or Beauty out

there will be no doubt when the final product is revealed

it’s ugly, one will say

it’s pretty, another will say

they might say it in chorus or one after another

but the divided camps will agree that their lives have been touched

now, let’s take a minute and rub it

rub slow and gentle

fill your cheeks with joy

and hum slow and gentle

Chi will rotate before you know it.


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