Iron feet

Lately I seem to have been taking for granted that I have feet, I mean here I sit across from you and I know for a fact that when I stand up, they will be there to support me.They are not pretty, mind you, they have never known the tender and loving care of masseuses or a lover’s hands, but goshdarnit I love them! maybe not enough or appropiately, but I love them. These feets have carried my 200 pounds and some for quite some years now even when it seemed impossible to carry on.
Taikwando experts and dance virtuoso throw legs in the air and jab with them any threat that come their way. Classical dancers have the best display of legs and feet. They raise them like flags and stand on them like circus clowns standing on poles. It’s a feast for the eyes as their arms rise gracefully like swans opening their wings before take off.
But when I sit, my back slightly hunched over the paper I’m scribbling over or the food I’m devouring, these iron feet tap gently the ground, patiently waiting when this mass of atoms and molecules spiritually animated will decide to rise and shine.
These feet that breathe, these feet that dance haven’t deceived me yet. They are faithful transmitters. They sniff out the Earth’s heartbeat and connect me to Her core for me to realize the slight but desperate place I occupy in the universe. I am nothing but dust, Earthy dust, celestial dust, I am your you-can’t-make-none-like-me dust.

10 thoughts on “Iron feet

  1. Your way of describing brings alive a honest voice. You connect simplicity of soul.
    This feet of your’s breathe as you move along the journey.

  2. I am writing a post (at the moment) that was inspired by what you have said here. I am linking my post to yours. Thank you for this, I found it very inspiring and quite beautiful.

      • I’m happy to hear you say that because this was inspired from all those patients I have met at the hospital who either have had their legs amputated or simply can’t use them for various medical reasons and I thought about how we take it for granted to take a walk in the park or anywhere…

      • That is what is so lovely about what you wrote; you really made me connect with the truth of my own health and good fortune.

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