Narrative poem: How I became a celebrity/ rat lab/ human phenomenon

I have been scratching my back a lot lately

Any kitchen tool has been useful to that end

Spoon, fork, knife, spatula,

if it has teeth or some curve, it’s mine

I would lie on my stomach like when I was a baby

And bake my back under the sun.

I was less and less myself as the days went on

I saw myself on the mirror only to ask

Who was the man staring at me from the mirror

I didn’t like him at all

Shooting him down with verbal bullets

Projecting out of my fiery soul.

My back had grown in volume

I was given the back muscles of a hunchback

But I’d rather die before you see me

hanging by my limbs above Notre Dame

more than muscles, two corns were visible too

and all this time, I thank God for the suga mama

who paid the bills and looked the other way

monsters get mother’s love too.

On the 36th week, my metamorphosis was finalized

I had the wings of a feathered dinosaur

Dragging by my feet as I walked around my apartment

I was hairy enough to compete with the boogie man for the most hairy monster

And yet I have never felt so much as myself at that time.

This is the story of how I became a celebrity/ rat lab/ human phenomenon

I still had the best  manners at table or when invited

I would indulge in pipe smoking once in awhile

When I didn’t skydrop those who rubbed me the wrong way

So next time you see me walking or flying by

Wave and smile.


12 thoughts on “Narrative poem: How I became a celebrity/ rat lab/ human phenomenon

  1. Oh! It’s dark but lovable. I love the images you have shown, differently and in confluence with your view then and now. Thank you, Jomul. A great read.

  2. I appreciate the humor here very much. One thing I really enjoy about your writing is how aware I think you are of bodies and what they give and take from our consciousness. Or better yet, how our consciousness is inseparable from them. As I mentioned, your post on feet really influenced my thinking.

    • Thank you, I feel at loss of words because you have tapped into what my subconscious seems always attuned to. My job at the hospital has radicalized my way of thinking about the body but I came to understand also what it means to be spirited too. It’s an honor to influence a poet of your talent.

      • Thank you for saying that. I don’t quite know what to say myself except that I feel I am learning from you.

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