You had me at Hello

You said hello

And it was a good and well measured handshake to my soul

You asked how are you

And I sun shined and star ran

You said it’s good to see you

And I cried rivers of joy to float us and keep us high and high

You smiled and talked about the weather

Our love was stretching time to its limits,

We were ageless lovebirds painting new skies for cavern beings

You said we should go out sometime

I wanted to tell you that eternity was ours to have

That time was a thief but our love eternal

When we said good byes

I kept a piece of you well hidden in my heart

You left with my breath and I still don’t have any regrets.


My house

In my house, you find grass for walls and the sun for lamp

In my house, windows are blurred or spotless depending on the state of my soul

In my house, doors are custom fit to your mind. Don’t be surprised if you can’t walk through.

In my house, chairs match the softness or hardness of your skin. They can’t be fooled, believe me I tried.

In my house, the TV only shows your thoughts so be careful to not step or sit on the remote control

In my house, the table loves all, suffers all, forgives all and supports all regardless of gender, race and religion.

In my house, rooms are chambers of our hearts, there’s no keyhole, but your significant other always knows how to get in.

In my house, there’s no entrance or exit door because the universe is always at home in my house.

human waste in waters: News poem

Westside Portland’s waters contained low but threatening levels of E. Coli
Symptoms include fever, diarhhea and death in worst cases
It comes from animal or human shit
There’s no cure for human or animal shit or bacteria
It’s malignant and resilient
Water bottle companies saw increased profit sales over the weekend
Nothing like human or animal shit or bacteria to remind the good citizens that water aint free
Darfur war due to water shortages caused several hundreds of thousands deaths

This was death knocking a hundred of thousands times and making it every single time

This was one soul, two souls and a hundred of thousands souls
The average American individual consumes 159 gallons of water while more than half the world consumes 25 gallons of water

The average American industry energy consumption should drive us mad, make us sick and leave us trembling
Facts are fat sometimes
You stack them like fast food one on top of the other
You open wide and swallow them,
Your stomach has enough acid to break them down.
Your body like the earth is made primarily of water
Little Hydrogens bonding with cute Oxygens to make plenty of Hs and Os.
So let us pause and
Pray our heart out
For water that washes, that purifies and fills us up
Water can’t be made, but is always bought
Oil can’t be made, but is always bought
Remember: for every Thing the Earth makes, blood is dripping somewhere.

we out here

We out here

We out here licking our wounds and baring our teeth

We out here howling to the moon and throwing fired glances

We out here in the wild

We out here in the cold

we out

but not here or there

feeling our way out of the darkness

one foot in front of the other

the sun is at our feet and the rain above us

a rainbow forms our belt

we keep stars in our pockets

to throw out as we moonwalk back into us


Let them speak, I say to you

They growl because they don’t have a bite

They puff and puff and puff

While we out here

And we aint going nowhere.

her poems are always so colorful or appealing to senses and this one is sweet indeed 🙂

Silver Poetry



Finding the sweet me

is a forever journey

a soul trip

to inner space

amongst the mist

worlds that

exist ed

before I could think

When my heart was  jupiter

and you my mother

my father

my feathered gods that

swung me left and right

up up

missing the fan blades

instilling a grounded earthly love

for something

blue and green

a painterly  lean

a thick  plastering of sensational life

I flew the roads and climbed the mountainous peaks

dancing the backs of cashmere  goats

I have breathed shallow on the arsenicum ridges

been plaintive in my call

but strength becomes me now

and oceans float my

salty toes

to shore

Finding the


in the folds of satin ink

amongst wildflowers and faces

a journey


and incomplete

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