Piece de Resistance

Little chubby fingers ruffle through the cat’s head as it yawns with approval
The hand had finally acquired a rhythm to caress the cat
While the mind went hopping here and there all over town.
Tonight was special because the neighbor upstairs was playing his violin
And you could hear his life resonate through the entire building.
He was a grim fifty year old man, who was constantly aware of the space each person occupied around him
Even more so when I was around him
My frame being just a little outside of the normal proportions
My skin colored in the non universal way
My smile too bright for strangers
I knew myself to not be his favorite
But his music could tame the wildness inside me
I was single but not desperate
Not that desperate to throw myself in the arms of a man twice my age
I have done my share of throwing myself
Now it was time for this princess to wait patiently for her knight in shining armor
But at this pace, she might end up being the one in shining armor doing the saving
The world has been rotating out of control lately
and this cat cares only about its meal and a caress and a nap and a meal and a caress and a nap
Oh wait, here comes la piece de resistance in his performance
The mélodie gently ruffles the landscape of my soul
And unearths the rotten roots that are sapping the life out of me
So that I can proceed with surgical focus to remove them
Once in awhile I have indulged myself in looking at them
Feeling for the glimpse of a second the tinge of regret
But that’s all I could afford.
I thought about those good old days when I was a tender eyed but thorny flower living among cactus
I know that my forebears would be proud to see me today
A store manager at 23, soon graduate with a BA in Business, owner of an apartment, a scooter, a cat and a pot of plant who would let you know when she feels neglected.
Memories string themselves into beads while the music plays
My squared jawed father and his discomfort around his children
He would look at us from afar
Hoping the distance to keep each other safe
He was good though at playing nice
Whenever our love for him wrapped him all up nice and tight
These days, he turned out to be the baobab tree
Under which I can always find shade.
The music gracefully died down
And I painfully reentered reality
Soulful tears filling up my eyes
A few cracks showed up in my soul’s windows
I will be fine.
And then we met
I saw this man see me through my eyes
And love all of what he saw
I unwrapped myself piece by piece for him
But I kept the core to myself
What can I say? A woman got to have secrets.


11 thoughts on “Piece de Resistance

  1. You can write anything with your pen, letting in humour, pain and endless mentations of human mind. It flows like a musical symphony, for the soul to read and explore the in-between feelings.
    I loved it. How nice it is to read during rainy clouds.

    • I am humbled by your appreciation for what I try to do. To be honest, I have had a couple of tough weeks and my poems reflected that until this character in “Piece de Resistance” came along with her smile too bright for strangers.
      I really appreciate such a compliment from a talented writer as you are.

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