human waste in waters: News poem

Westside Portland’s waters contained low but threatening levels of E. Coli
Symptoms include fever, diarhhea and death in worst cases
It comes from animal or human shit
There’s no cure for human or animal shit or bacteria
It’s malignant and resilient
Water bottle companies saw increased profit sales over the weekend
Nothing like human or animal shit or bacteria to remind the good citizens that water aint free
Darfur war due to water shortages caused several hundreds of thousands deaths

This was death knocking a hundred of thousands times and making it every single time

This was one soul, two souls and a hundred of thousands souls
The average American individual consumes 159 gallons of water while more than half the world consumes 25 gallons of water

The average American industry energy consumption should drive us mad, make us sick and leave us trembling
Facts are fat sometimes
You stack them like fast food one on top of the other
You open wide and swallow them,
Your stomach has enough acid to break them down.
Your body like the earth is made primarily of water
Little Hydrogens bonding with cute Oxygens to make plenty of Hs and Os.
So let us pause and
Pray our heart out
For water that washes, that purifies and fills us up
Water can’t be made, but is always bought
Oil can’t be made, but is always bought
Remember: for every Thing the Earth makes, blood is dripping somewhere.


8 thoughts on “human waste in waters: News poem

  1. This a fantastic poem. That last stanza in particular is especially arresting. It has a poetic touch and has a quality to not unlike a litany in a sermon (and I mean that in the best way possible).

    I also love the way you connect the global dots on so many levels here. It is a strikingly beautiful piece of work that, if you don’t mind, I am going to share on my facebook page. I saw that Susan reblogged it so I will take a different tack to get people to read this (if that is alright with you).

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