You had me at Hello

You said hello

And it was a good and well measured handshake to my soul

You asked how are you

And I sun shined and star ran

You said it’s good to see you

And I cried rivers of joy to float us and keep us high and high

You smiled and talked about the weather

Our love was stretching time to its limits,

We were ageless lovebirds painting new skies for cavern beings

You said we should go out sometime

I wanted to tell you that eternity was ours to have

That time was a thief but our love eternal

When we said good byes

I kept a piece of you well hidden in my heart

You left with my breath and I still don’t have any regrets.


9 thoughts on “Salut!

  1. Joe, my God, this is gorgeous. My heart flew to someone once; so this, this resonates! I cannot isolate one thing that I want to say spoke to me the loudest, so I will just say–WOW.

  2. This is terrific and it has all of the lightness, weight and flight of “My House.” If I had to choose a favorite verse (and I have several) I think it would be this:

    And I sun shined and star ran

    I love the way the stars speak through you and you speak through the stars. I immediately responded to this.

  3. I know you said you hate when people just say they “like” something…but I truly liked the line, “You smiled and talked about the weather” which reminds me of how love like this makes one replace the mundane with the fantastic on the regular…

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